Create high-value feed from your food waste

Powerful grubs are at the heart of what we do

We deploy powerful little grubs as a local solution to dealing with food waste, unsustainable soy feed and synthetic fertilisers in a mission to cut carbon footprints within the food industry

How it works

Inspro grubs naturally convert food waste into animal feed and fertiliser

Who we work for


Start your journey to becoming a carbon-neutral farm and increase the value of your produce.

Food Producers

Reduce your carbon footprint by moving to a sustainable solution for managing your food waste. 

Wholesale & Retail

Attract customers with your own stock of sustainable ranges of bird feed, fishing bait and exotic pet food.


Latest News

Bank Farm: The First Regional Inspro Hub

Bank Farm in Kent is home to Doug Wanstall’s beef, arable and poultry farm. Housed together with a distillery, a Biochar producer, a Kent University Agricultural Science centre, and Inspro’s HQ the farm provides a living example of Doug’s vision of a fully sustainable modern farm actively demonstrating nutrient circularity.

Supply chain optimization and analysis of Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) bioconversion of surplus foodstuffs

The human food supply chain is placing great strain upon the environment. This is compounded by the creation of wastes at all points along the supply chain. Yet many of these “wastes” are instead surplus foodstuffs that may yet have the potential to be used.