Transform local food waste into sustainable animal feed and natural fertiliser using Black Soldier fly Larvae

Bespoke Research and Development

We can test substrates to find out its potential use for Black Soldier fly Larvae through calculating significant components such protein percentage.

This can help to valorise food waste streams with a sustainable circular solution. This research is vital in this rapidly expanding field and Inspro strive on expanding this.


We work with a range of companies including food waste producers and food waste handlers to find personalised solutions to match both local substrate supply and feed/ fertiliser demands.

The scale of service options that we can provide vary from single trays, bio-conversion units, to co-located centralised hubs.

"Live and Local"

This is a local solution to dealing with food waste, unsustainable soya feed and synthetic fertilisers.

We also offer a ‘live and local’ kit allowing you to test the magic yourself on a small scale ideal for smallholders and Regenerative farmers in a mission to cut carbon footprints within the food and agriculture industries.

Reducing food waste is important because the production of food uses lots of resources such as energy, fertilizers, labour, and transport

Bio- converting food waste into insect protein that can be used as feed and fertilizer, frass.

On farm solution- "live and Local", this reduces the distance that food waste has to travel creating a more circular agricultural system.

Variety of scale options to find the optimum, personalised solution for you.

Who we work with

Research and development + Consultation
  • Food waste Handlers- We bring the bio-conversion capability to your premises.
  • Food waste Producers- Valorising your food waste and enabling you to managing it in a sustainable manner. 
Live and Local” Kits
  • Farmers- Use these kits as an introduction into getting to grips with the technology, you can they consult with us to increase the scale of the operation as you wish. Join the journey in becoming a carbon-neutral farm and increase the value of your produce.
  • Smallholders- Bio converting your (non- animal produce) food waste with out unique kits. Creating feed that is suitable for a variety of animals including poultry, Pet fish (Koi), hedgehogs, and wild Birds. It will produce also sustainable fertiliser. 
  • Zoos and Petting Zoos 

Low Carbon Feeds

Chickens go mad for grubs! Not only do they have a natural enjoyment for foraging them, they go wild for the taste.

Sustainable Fertiliser

Black Soldier Fly Larvae frass (Poo) is a natural slow release fertiliser (N, P, K 523), plant stimulant and insect deterant

Bio Conversion Unit

If you have flocks, herds or waste, you can have your own all-in-one solution on-site to provide a sustainable and localised feed solution.

Substrate testing

Black Soldier Fly Larvae can process most organic waste substrates, but with differing results. We test the protein and fat quantity and quality to ensure good results.

HVAC Warm Rooms

We design, install, monitor and support Heated Ventilated and Airconditioned (HVAC) warm rooms.


We Co-Locate facilities with waste producers and waste handlers to minimise logistics and utilise existing resources. 

Latest News

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If ideas and enterprise stacking rather than scale and focus make a farming business resilient, then Doug Wanstall is onto a winner.

Bank Farm: The First Regional Inspro Hub

Bank Farm in Kent is home to Doug Wanstall’s beef, arable and poultry farm. Housed together with a distillery, a Biochar producer, a Kent University Agricultural Science centre, and Inspro’s HQ the farm provides a living example of Doug’s vision of a fully sustainable modern farm actively demonstrating nutrient circularity.

Soldiers of Circularity

Organic waste can turn into methane in landfills, a potent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. By diverting organic waste from landfills and using black soldier flies to process it, we can reduce emissions and create valuable products from waste.