Using Black Soldier Fly Larvae we test your substrates to better valorise your waste streams to produce low carbon feed and sustainable fertiliser.
We work with Smallholders, Regenerative farmers, Waste producers and Waste handlers.
We deploy our mobile bespoke Bio-Conversion Units, design and build ventilated warm rooms and co-locate for quick and flexible solutions.
We offer a range of services from a single tray, to bio-conversion units, to co-located centralised hubs, all depending on you local substrate supply and your local feed and fertiliser demand
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Mighty grubs are at the heart of what we do, converting food waste into sustainable animal feed and natural fertiliser. We deploy these powerful little grubs as a local solution to dealing with food waste, unsustainable soya feed and synthetic fertilisers, in a mission to cut carbon footprints within the food and agriculture industries.

How it works

Black Soldier Fly Larvae can naturally convert food waste into animal feed and fertilise


Who we work with

Regenerative Farmers
Start your journey to becoming a carbon-neutral farm and increase the value of your produce.
You too can bio convert food waste into feed and fertiliser with our unique kits
Food Waste Producers
Reduce your carbon footprint by moving to a sustainable solution for managing your food waste.
Food Waste Handlers
We can bring a bio-conversion capability to your premises enabling you to quickly join this sustainable journey.
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Latest News

Downsizing and enterprise stacking makes Kent farm financially resilient

If ideas and enterprise stacking rather than scale and focus make a farming business resilient, then Doug Wanstall is onto a winner.

Bank Farm: The First Regional Inspro Hub

Bank Farm in Kent is home to Doug Wanstall’s beef, arable and poultry farm. Housed together with a distillery, a Biochar producer, a Kent University Agricultural Science centre, and Inspro’s HQ the farm provides a living example of Doug’s vision of a fully sustainable modern farm actively demonstrating nutrient circularity.

Soldiers of Circularity

Organic waste can turn into methane in landfills, a potent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. By diverting organic waste from landfills and using black soldier flies to process it, we can reduce emissions and create valuable products from waste.