What we do

We offer a range of services from a single tray (smallholders), to bio-conversion units, to co-located centralised hubs, all depending on your substrate supply and your local substrate supply and your local, feed and fertiliser demand

Low Carbon Feeds

Chickens go mad for grubs! Not only do they have a natural enjoyment for foraging them, they go wild for the taste.

Sustainable Fertiliser

Black Soldier Fly Larvae frass (Poo) is a natural slow release fertiliser (NPK 523), plant stimulant and insect deterant

Bio Conversion Unit

If you have flocks, herds or waste, you can have your own all-in-one solution on-site to provide a sustainable and localised feed solution.

Substrate testing

Black Soldier Fly Larvae can process most organic waste substrates, but with differing results. We test the protein and fat quantity and quality to ensure good results.

HVAC Warm Rooms

We design, install, monitor and support Heated Ventilated and Airconditioned (HVAC) warm rooms.


We Co-Locate facilities with waste producers and waste handlers to minimise logistics and utilise existing resources. 

Low carbon Feeds

Chickens love grubs! A complete natural food source that encourages foraging improves the well-being of your flock and the quality of your eggs.

Soya feed may be cheap, but it is costly to the planet. 80% of the world’s soybean crop gets fed to livestock, and critical habitats such as the Amazon rainforest are being destroyed to make way for it. Combing resource-hungry intensive farming techniques with the end product being shipped halfway around the world results in a huge carbon footprint.

Fishmeal has truly appalling environmental credentials. Pelagic oceanic fish such as menhaden, herring, anchovies, and sardines which form the basis of the aquatic food chain, are dragnetted by factory ships and ground into meal which, again, is shipped across the world as feed for livestock and aquaculture.  

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Sustainable Fertiliser

Insect manure or frass is an ideal plant growth stimulant full of macronutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium).

Frass performs as an exceptional by-product with natural selective insect repellents.

Just mix with water and spray as a seed dressing, scatter with live larvae to your flock or dry it and deploy it as a direct source of nutrients.

Bio Conversion Unit

If you have large flocks, herds or food waste, you can have your own remotely managed unit on site as a sustainable and localised feed solution. 

Inspro Bio Conversion Units streamline larvae rearing; mobile and temperature controlled, they are effective, efficient and easy to install at your site. Creating local nutrient circularity, you can safely bio convert food waste to create your own animal feed and fertiliser.  


Feeding our birds with Inspro’s black soldier fly larvae, especially in the winter months, we see a marked difference in egg quality and productivity. Feeding soya does not fall in line with our sustainability and regenerative approach. Sourcing locally produced larvae, grown on food waste, greatly reduces the environmental impact.


Substrate Testing

Substrate testing-we accurately test any substrate to assess the larvae and frass yield as well as the quality of proteins (amino acids) and lipids (fatty acids). This is part of my PhD work and so the methodology is robust and the results consistent and reliable.

HVAC Warm Rooms

After a period using our mobile Bio Conversion Units (BCUs) to trial the process and check the outputs and results it often makes good sense to construct a ‘Heated Ventilated and Air Conditioned’ (HVAC) warm room within an existing farm building.  We can help design your unit with the right capacity and at a sensible price using existing equipment.    

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Co-location with waste producers and waste handlers

Where waste handling facilities already exist it make good environmental and economic sense to incorporate bioconversion using Black Soldier Fly rather than start from a new site.  In this way, we leverage existing logistics, permits and permissions, building, equipment, labour and expertise.  Initially we can provide a Bio Conversion Unit for trials but when successful this is better replaced by a bespoke HVAC Warm Room.  We can assist with design, build and on-going monitoring and operations.