Bank Farm: The First Regional Inspro Hub

November 2, 2022

Bank Farm in Kent is home to Doug Wanstall’s beef, arable and poultry farm. Housed together with a distillery, a Biochar producer, a Kent University Agricultural Science centre, and Inspro’s HQ the farm provides a living example of Doug’s vision of a fully sustainable modern farm actively demonstrating nutrient circularity. Doug currently uses the mix farming method but wants to continually improve his processes to be more environmental such as reducing soy in his farm feed and using frass as fertiliser.  

Nutrient circularity is the idea of recovering nutrients from manure and byproducts and reusing them in animal production. Essential nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are often lost at all stages of the supply chain, but the majority of nutrients are lost at the last stage from byproducts such as food waste going to landfills or being incinerated.  

Inspro’s Bio Conversion Hub is a 40ft unit which will process up to 250 tons of food waste a year. The gin distillery located at Bank Farm provides food waste such as seeds and berries which will be mixed with other locally sourced food waste that the black soldier fly larvae will feast on, provide frass and once full size, will be used as high protein farm feed for Doug’s chickens. 

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