Soldiers of Circularity

Organic waste can turn into methane in landfills, a potent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. By diverting organic waste from landfills and using black soldier flies to process it, we can reduce emissions and create valuable products from waste.

Smallholders are often neglected by innovators who favour building large centralised bespoke units that maximise economies of scale. We see the masses of UK Smallholders as a vital part of the low carbon food production economy and as such we have developed our tray-based options. This can be scaled to the needs of the unit or up graded to a Bio Conversion Unit or HVAC Warm Room. We want to create a community of Smallholders with poultry so that together we have a significant impact on valorisation of organic waste and the reduction of carbon associated with eggs and poultry.

Chris and Helen at Less Travelled Lamb are passionate about animal welfare and the production of healthy local food.  We are delighted to be working and developing our offers with them, as our pioneers in Kent. 


Small holder offer explanation Video  
Happy Chickens 

The public are showing an appetite for lower carbon food and indeed some willingness to pay a modest premium.  They want local food produced by people they can meet and who they trust apply high safety and welfare standards.